Address the future before it arrives.

Facts and Figures

Amstein + Walthert is fully owned by executive personnel who are involved in the day-to-day running of the company.

Amstein + Walthert Holding AG currently employs around 1,100 people at several locations in Switzerland and one in France.

Electrical engineers with a university degree
HVAC and plumbing system engineers with a university degree
Architects, researchers
Designers, technicians, construction specialists, assistants
ICT, HR, finance, marketing, legal, corporate governance

01 - Development

02 - Planning

03 - Realization

04 - Maintenance

A strong partner - through every construction phase.

01 - Development

It all starts with an idea. This has to be developed, needs have to be formulated and variants worked out. Feasibility will be assessed, thus creating the basis for making sustainable decisions.

02 - Planning

In the planning phase, concepts are developed and planning permission documents are prepared. The building services are planned and coordinated, so that the construction work can be put out to tender and awarded once the bids have been evaluated.

03 - Realization

During the implementation of the planned project - from the ground-breaking ceremony to the construction and handover - it is essential to ensure the quality of the work carried out through close monitoring and support.

04 - Maintenance

Use and operation represent the longest and most cost-intensive phase in the entire life cycle of real estate. This requires professional facility management with operational optimisation and controlling.