Condition monitoring

Digitalisation and the advent of new communication technologies have created additional possibilities for transmitting measurements wirelessly and regardless of location in real time to an individual visualisation platform. Condition monitoring makes the measured data immediately visible online without the need for lengthy readouts of the loggers, and the user can intervene promptly in the event of deviations from the target state. Visualised in a simple and understandable way, it is possible to network an almost unlimited number and type of sensors and to determine a wide variety of measured values.

What is condition monitoring with LoRaWAN?
Condition monitoring is a modular IoT system consisting of a LoRaWAN data logger and the corresponding cloud software. LoRaWAN technology allows a direct connection from the sensor to the cloud and the visualisation software.
Our services

  • Creation of measurement and evaluation concepts
  • Development of data transmission concepts, definition of suitable sensor technology
  • Carry out temporary or permanent measurements in rooms or on installations, without cabling and without internet connection
  • Setting up automated evaluations for measuring data on online dashboards 
  • Definition of setpoint/limit values as a basis for automatic alarming via SMS/email

Data loggers are placed on site without installation effort and continuously transmit their measured values to a database. The information is available to the user at any time, regardless of the device. LoRaWAN technology eliminates the need for time-consuming readouts of the loggers and the manual creation of measurement reports.

Areas of application

  • Inside and outside buildings or systems when no fixed sensors are installed:
    • Temperature measurement of heating and cooling media
    • Room climate measurement (temperature, humidity,CO2)
    • Analysis of the system conditions
  • Performance and functional verifications for general contractors,
  • building owners or operators
  • Fault analyses for operators/building owners
  • Success checks/analyses
  • Expert reports/expert opinions

Measured values

  • Room & surface temperature (e.g. pipe, window, water) [°C]
  • Relative humidity [% rel. F]
  • CO2 emission [ppm] 
  • Energy consumption per optical/BUS interface [kWh]
  • Motion sensor [present/absent]
  • GPS data [coordinates]

Condition monitoring with LoRaWAN enables location-independent measurements of operating, system and room conditions in real time, completely without cabling. In addition to efficient success and function control, simple dashboards and reports can be used to analyse errors and provide evidence.

Uetz Robert

Uetz Robert
A+W Zürich


Electromagnetic compatibility

Thanks to our many years of experience in all areas of EMC, we are able to provide comprehensive and competent advice - whether it concerns building services engineering, power quality, safety, devices and systems, non-ionising radiation (NIR) or measurement of electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields.

EMC in building services engineering 

Electrical and electronic systems and installations in building services engineering are becoming increasingly powerful and complex. Electromagnetic compatibility is a must, especially as a result of the energy-saving power electronics.

Power quality 

Power quality is a quality feature of electrical planning. As a rule, trouble-free operation can only be guaranteed if the normative requirements are met. Operators are obliged to operate their plants, consumers and installations in such a way that the limit values are observed. We measure, analyse and evaluate the power quality and point out opportunities for improvement and appropriate measures.

EMC safety 

Critical infrastructures (power plants, communication systems, laboratories, production facilities) can be impaired in their function by electromagnetic effects. 
We design property-specific EMP/NEMP/LEMP and EMC protection measures, taking into account the requirements for technology, economy and operational safety.

Non-ionising radiation (NIR)

Installations for power supply (lines, transformers etc.), railways, electrical appliances as well as a multitude of transmitting stations for various radio services (GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G NR, Polycom, DAB, WLAN etc.) generate non-ionising radiation.

We measure and advise on the basis of the legal principles and recognised scientific findings.

Type C test laboratory, services in NIR measurement 

The maximum permissible electromagnetic emissions are regulated by law.

We are an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited type C test laboratory and carry out measurements of mobile radio and broadcasting transmitters in accordance with the Ordinance on Protection against Non-Ionising Radiation (NISV).


The many different interlinked trades make photovoltaics a complex system. We guarantee multidisciplinary competence in planning, design, implementation and site management up to the handover of the plant to the client. 


The maximmission tool can be used to calculate and produce the official site data sheet of the Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape (SAEFL) (now FOEN) for mobile phone base stations. A graphic evaluation enables the calculated emissions to be visualised at antenna sites. maximmission is simple, up-to-date and reliable. Antenna patterns can be read and displayed directly from the manufacturer’s file.

Our EMC specialists: 
A company of Amstein + Walthert AG, Zurich

Slameczka Michael

Slameczka Michael
Maxwave AG

Energy control systems

A comprehensive understanding of the flow of energy within an enterprise is the key to its optimisation and to reducing costs. Measuring concepts provide a basis for selecting smart approaches. Working together with you, we set the reference targets that enable you to stay on track.

Energy monitoring systems enable the continuous recording of operating conditions and energy use data that are stored in a database.

The recorded data are then used by the energy monitors as a basis for regular status reports. This enables the early detection of system malfunctions or any deviations from the reference targets. For instance, attention is called immediately to a malfunctioning valve or a program update that has altered important parameter settings.

In order to bring the building back on track, one of the most frequent measures that is implemented is operational optimisation, which distinguishes itself in terms of its short payback period.

Our experience shows that smart energy control systems can enable enterprises to sustainably lower their energy consumption by 5% to 15%. We can also help you to devise and implement an efficient and user-friendly energy control system. And thanks to our experience and structured approach, we’ll be able to find a suitable solution that optimally matches your existing system environment.

Uetz Robert

Uetz Robert
A+W Zürich

Verdegaal Joke

Verdegaal Joke
Teamleiterin Energieconsulting
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Directeur A+W France / Membre comité de Direction
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Radon measurement

Radon is a tasteless, odourless, invisible radioactive noble gas that occurs naturally in the soil. It enters the building via the soil at leakages and spreads throughout the building. Radon and its decay products can cause lung cancer in humans.
We are happy to advise you regarding the topic of radon and how we can protect ourselves against it. Our services include:

  • Development of conceptual protection measures for new buildings
  • Advice on structural measures, selection of radon-proof building materials and connections for new buildings and modernisation
  • Development of a suitable redevelopment concept for existing buildings

As a "recognised radon measurement centre", we are authorised to carry out radon measurements on behalf of the Federal Office for Public Health. The services include:

  • Preliminary clarifications with the authorities
  • Measurement support and advice for private individuals
  • Performance of recognised radon measurements, e.g. in residential buildings, schools / nurseries and at workplaces
  • Time-resolved radon measurements for e.g. control measurements / monitoring before, during or after a refurbishment
  • Leakage locating and root cause analysis on site

In addition, we offer certification measurements and radon protection concepts as part of all common building labels in Switzerland for e.g. MINERGIE-ECO, SNBS, SGNI, DGNB, etc.

Knapp Marcus

Knapp Marcus
Bereichsleiter Bauphysik, Akustik
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