Bruker Switzerland AG, Fällanden

Complete renovation of energy supply

Amstein+Walthert AG was commissioned for the complete renovation of the power supply at Bruker Switzerland AG. The renovation includes the replacement of the transformer station and the reconstruction of the main electrical distribution system. All supply lines of the approximately 80 distribution systems were replaced with TN-S supply lines.

Critical cable runs were realised with special CFW Cca power cables.

A total of 7.8 km of cable was installed.

In order to increase the security of supply, a nitrogen extinguishing system serves as additional protection in the transformer station as well as in the low-voltage main distribution (LVM).

The challenge was that all work and switching had to be carried out during ongoing operations. For this purpose, a detailed schedule was worked out with the user, which allowed the time windows for the changeovers.

We took external trades such as bricklayers, double floor layers, etc. into account in our planning and coordinated them.

The new transformer station includes three new low-radiation 1000kVA transformers. Two of these are in parallel operation.

The medium-voltage system was replaced by a new, air-insulated medium-voltage system in the course of the renovation.

The new LVS was upgraded to a high standard. Withdrawable circuit breakers at the feeder panels as well as compact circuit breakers for all coarse feeders, measurement display of the feeders as well as sufficient modular, expandable reserve spaces.

The electrical room was structurally expanded and adapted to meet the standards.


Kuvac Mario

Kuvac Mario
Bereichsleiter HLKS
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Bruker Switzerland AG


Bruker Switzerland AG

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2000 kVA
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Jan 2019
Start of planning
June 2020
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