A+W acts

Many challenges of our future can only be mastered by joining forces. This is why we are involved in all the well-known associations, political organisations and initiatives in our industry. Where knowledge transfer is required, where training and further education takes place, we are happy to pass on our know-how. Due to our market position and reputation, many doors are open to us. We make our influence felt, but not for self-interested reasons. We are always concerned with the overriding issues, its relevance for the industry and significance for society.

Customer magazine «zB»

In our customer magazine, for example, we look at a current, industry-relevant topic from our everyday professional life several times a year. The "zB" No.1 on the subject of "energy optimisation" was already published in September 1993. We share our knowledge with customers, partners and other interested parties at the corresponding seminars. We deepen our knowledge and promote professional and personal exchanges through presentations by our own employees and other experts, as well as from teaching and research.

Measures for sustainability

Since 2017, we have explicit sustainability goals. With the sustainability report, we review their achievement annually and identify measures to achieve further improvements.

Examples of such measures that were implemented in the reporting year include:

  • At all locations, we continued to improve the environmentally friendly mobility offer. At the Zurich and Frauenfeld sites, additional vehicles from the company’s fleet were replaced by electric vehicles. At St. Gallen and Gampel fossil company vehicles were abandoned. At the Geneva site, employees now have access to three electric bikes, one electric bike is provided in Lucerne. In the Andreastower at the Zurich location, private electric bikes can now also be recharged.
  • At the Zurich site where Amstein + Walthert has rent the Andreastower, the department, which specializes in energy concepts and operational optimisation, has received a mandate from the owner for operational optimisation. It is now refining the measurement concept in order to be able to subsequently implement efficiency improvements in building operation.
  • In the second year of the pandemic with a 4-month home office obligation, we continued to expand our digital exchange platforms. Many training courses and courses at A+W University or Innovation@A+W’s activities took place digitally.
  • The format «Lundi» was further expanded. The aim is to provide information on current topics at midday under the motto «networking - talking - coaching - developing». In 2021, two Lundis took place, one on the topic of «Yes to the CO2 Act» and one on «SIA 2061 Battery Storage Systems in Buildings.

A+W lectured

Where knowledge transfer is required, where training and further education takes place, we are happy to pass on our know-how. Whether at universities, at conferences and events organised by associations or forums, at trade fairs or roadshows, we almost always have something to say and are pleased to receive numerous enquiries. Our experts* are happy to share their knowledge and experience with interested parties at home and abroad.

Current events

Memberships and partnerships

The companies of the Amstein + Walthert Group are members of numerous clubs and associations in which they are actively involved in a variety of ways. Our employees are represented on boards and committees, such as the Swiss Association of Consulting Engineers usic, the Sustainable Building Switzerland Network or the Interest Group building SMART Switzerland. We are involved in working groups and expert councils, such as the SIA Energy Expert Council. We are also involved in the Energy Zurich Forum in the specialist groups for construction and energy, commissioning and operational optimization. With its membership of Ceo4climate, A+W is also involved in the political dialogue on good framework conditions for achieving the net zero target.

Within the framework of our membership in clubs and associations, we are committed to the representation of interests and further development of our professional field, the promotion of young talent and quality assurance and standardisation both within the industry and across sectors. Among others, we are members of the following associations and federations:

External commitment and sponsoring

In addition to our involvement in associations and clubs, we are also allowed to sponsor various projects. We support various renowned universities that educate the future of the engineering community as well as foundations with content close to our field of activity such as the Foundation Baukultur Schweiz. We also support professional exhibitions and competitions, educational projects for children such as archijeunes and events for adults with disabilities. Amstein + Walthert was also a sponsor of the Special Olympics Switzerland in 2021 and of PluSport, the specialist agency for sports for the disabled people in Switzerland. Time and again, individual institutions and projects are supported, such as this year's Wagerenhof in Uster or the construction of the Horw Scouts' Club.