Headquarter of international Organisation

An expansion on the site has become necessary due to the construction of a new building. This new strategy has the long-term advantage of consolidating all headquarters activities in three buildings instead of ten, in new or completely renovated premises, which improves daily operations and significantly reduces maintenance and energy costs.

The new extension has a surface area of approximately 23,000 mand will include flexible office space (individual or open space), a restaurant, a large modular conference room and an independent area capable of handling global health emergencies (SHOC-room). The target in terms of energy performance is HPE, which is equivalent to the Minergie® label for the performance of the thermal envelope. In view of the energy resources available on the site and the territorial energy concept, we proposed a set of variants in accordance with the Energy Act and in order to allow the client to make a technological choice between production using a heat network and on-site production with geothermal probes. From the very first phases of the project, BIM coordination was set up between the various contractors and AW for the CVCSER, in order to offer the client a digital model containing the main information of the building, which would also allow the future maintenance of the building to be optimised.


FREI Guillaume

FREI Guillaume
Chef d'équipe Electricité en infrastructure
A+W Geneve

Achermann Matthias

Achermann Matthias
Directeur / Responsable Secteur Consulting
A+W Geneve


Project owner

International Health Organisation


BBK - Berrel Berrel Kräutler, Zürich

General contractor

Implenia, Geneva

Facts and Figures

  • CVC
  • Sanitary
  • Electricity
  • Building automation
  • Fire safety
  • Building physics
  • Acoustics
  • Dynamic flow simulation
  • BIM technical coordination
23,000 m²
Total surface area
Start of the project
800 kW
Heating capacity
700 kW
Cooling capacity
200'000 m³/h
Air flow
SIA phases