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The company

Ever since the company was founded in 1927, Amstein + Walthert has stood for high-quality services in the field of building services engineering. The "Formula A+W" means: hundreds of experts are available as partners. Together with their clients, they are committed to lean technical solutions, the efficient use of energy and optimisation over the entire life cycle. Special attention is paid to the aesthetics and elegance of the solutions.

As a company, Amstein + Walthert is involved in society in many ways. We take responsibility for our employees, our customers and an undamaged environment. We assume this responsibility by getting involved in numerous areas. We have outlined our commitments in a sustainability report in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).


The competences of "Real Estate Consulting" will be transferred within the A+W Group to the new company icccon AG.

ALWEOL SA in Geneva is founded under the umbrella of the A+W Group. Its focus is on the digital transformation of building technology. 

The companies Arregger Partner AG, Lucerne and Künzle Partner AG, Horw merge under the umbrella of Amstein + Walthert. Amstein + Walthert Lucerne AG is created.

Integration of Enastra AG (former Alpiq EcoServices Ltd.) into the Amstein + Walthert Group.

The Schnyder Engineering Firm is integrated into A+W Holding.

Amstein + Walthert Holding AG establishes a subsidiary in France: Amstein + Walthert SAS with headquarters in Lyon. A+W's lighting design division merges with Reflexion AG under the name of Reflexion AG.

The 34 Amstein + Walthert partners found Amstein + Walthert Holding AG and transfer their shares to the new company. The holding company is now the owner of all of Amstein+Walthert's stakeholdings.

Amstein + Walthert merges the divisions that were responsible for the market segments infrastructure engineering, tunnel installations, intelligent transport systems, railway engineering and risk management under the new company Amstein + Walthert Progress AG.

Amstein+Walthert AG acquires the Basel-based HVAC and plumbing engineering company Landert+Partner GmbH on 1 July 2008.

Integration of Schär AG - Haustechnische Energieprojekte into Amstein + Walthert St. Gallen AG. The Frauenfeld office is made into a subsidiary of Amstein + Walthert AG in Zurich.

Christian Appert is appointed as the new managing director of the Zurich-based company.

The group of shareholders is expanded and the division director and managing director of the A+W Group become partners of Amstein + Walthert AG. A subsidiary is founded in Chur.

The enterprise's management is restructured as R. Amstein retires. Dr. R. Walthert takes over as CEO. The range of services is significantly expanded to include tunnel engineering, building systems engineering, HVAC and plumbing engineering, and the electrical engineering division is strengthened.

The engineering firm is reorganised under the name Amstein + Walthert AG. Subsidiaries are founded in Geneva, Bern and Aarau, and the firm's offices in Lausanne and St. Gallen are expanded.

Reorganisation in the form of a public limited company

E. Brauchli becomes a shareholder in the company and the firm is renamed H.W. Schuler & E. Brauchli.

H.W. Schuler and S.L. Schild found an engineering firm for electrical systems in Zurich.

Facts & figures

Legal form
Public limited company, Holding

Share capital
CHF 1.5 million, 100% owned by employees of the company

155 electrical engineers
155 HLKS engineers
110 architects and scientists (energy, ecology, building physics, lighting, facility management)
535 planners, technicians, construction experts and assistants
45 ICT, HR, finance, marketing, legal, corporate governance, innovation
100 trainees/apprentices
1100 employees total

Memberships and partnerships

ISO 9001, esg2go

Personal injury and damage to property: CHF 50 million (double guarantee)
Building and property damage: CHF 10 million (double guarantee)
Extended cover for financial losses: CHF 2.0 million (double guarantee)